Healthy Halloween!

Halloween starts off a 2 month period where we all feel as though we have a bit of a continual sugar hang-over. While we should allow ourselves the occasional treat, the candy over load makes it difficult for these treats to be occasional. Here are a few tips for before, during, and after trick-or-treating to help your family stay a little healthier.


Reach an agreement with your children about how much candy they can have each day, and do this prior to trick-or-treating. This way you are less likely to face a meltdown when you limit how much candy your kids can have.


The day of trick-or-treating make sure your family eats a nice healthy dinner. That way there won’t be as much gorging on candy while trick-or-treating (and while handing out those goodies as well).

Also, take advantage of the fact that trick-or-treating can be a great opportunity to walk. Walking is a great form of exercise.

Little kids at a Halloween party


Tell your kids that candy can now be counted as money, and they can use it to purchase non-food items from you. This can include anything from getting out of chores for a night, an hour of dedicate one-on-one time with you, or a new toy. Set how much candy they will need to ‘spend’ to earn each desire award. This way your children will be rewarded for making healthy choices.

These few tips will help you and your family have a happy and healthier Halloween. Remember to enjoy this Halloween, and have fun with your family!

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