Shop Safe and Protect Your Family

Grocery shopping has become one of the most exciting adventures. As you enter the grocery store you try to navigate the signs on the floor directing traffic and hunt for those staple items that seem to have disappeared a few weeks ago. The announcer reminds you once more to stay 6 feet away from one another, while other shoppers pretend not to listen and stand right behind you.

With the new challenges that surround this once normal task, how do we stay safe while shopping for our family?

Shop Online: One of the best resources grocery stores have implemented over the past few years is online shopping. This is a great option for those who are high risk for getting sick, have family members who are high risk, or for those who are just not comfortable going to the store.

Limit Shopping Days and Make a List: Limit your exposure to other people by limiting the number of shopping trips you take. Create a shopping list with essential items before heading to the store so you don’t forget something and end up going back sooner than expected. Write your list on a piece of paper that can be thrown away after you are done.

Shop During Non-Peak Hours: Try getting to the store when it first opens or when there are less shoppers in the store. Most stores have specific shopping hours for those who are high risk, so take advantage if you can.

Sanitize and Mask: Before entering the store, sanitize your hands and then put on a mask if you have one. After you are done shopping and have returned to your car, sanitize your hands and other items you brought into the store before taking off your mask.

Pick with Your Eyes: Choose items with your eyes and grab only what you plan to take. If you are shopping for produce, reach for items near the back where shoppers are less likely to touch.

Be Courteous: Always be courteous to cashiers, shelf stockers, and other store employees. If someone is re-stocking a shelf and you need to grab something, just let them know before reaching for an item.

These tips were inspired by a video called Grocery Tour with Sarah Kiel, RD on Fruits & Veggies—Have A Plant. Check out the video for additional tips and tricks:

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