Meals with Help from Kids

Children learn by touching, tasting, feeling, smelling, and listening. They love to help prepare food and cook because they can use all their senses. Children like to eat the foods they help make. Encouraging children to help prepare meals and snacks can build healthy lifestyle skills, creativity and healthy food choices. You are also helping... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Cooking with Kids

Involving your children in food preparation has many benefits! Cooking builds self-esteem. Children develop confidence, responsibility and independence when they can help you prepare a snack or meal. When they get more practice and as they get older, they will be able to prepare more foods on their own. Cooking teaches! When kids begin to... Continue Reading →

Camp Cooking Safety

While you’re packing the sunscreen, bug spray and camping gear, don’t forget basic food safety. Here are some camp-specific tips. Plan Ahead! To avoid leftovers, plan menus and portion sizes ahead of time. Plan meals that require one pot to lighten your load. If possible, bring shelf stable foods. Keep Cold Foods Cold! Pack foods... Continue Reading →

Fermenting Vegetables

Fermenting vegetables at home can reduce food waste, save money, and can promote a healthy gut. Sauerkraut, pickles, and kimchi are a few fermented vegetables that provide a variety of health benefits. Why make fermented vegetables? Fermented vegetables can be healthy for your gut and improve your digestion.The fermentation process increases the vegetables’ naturally occurring... Continue Reading →

How to Add Dark Green Vegetables to Your Family Meals

Spring is a time for new beginnings and clearing out winter stillness with bitter, astringent foods like dark green leafy greens. Intentionally adding in more dark green vegetables to your family meals is a great way to embrace new spring beginnings and slowly incorporate healthy habits.  What are your family's favorite dark green vegetables? Some... Continue Reading →

Cooking with Fresh Herbs 

Whether you are a new cook or an experienced chef, using herbs can increase the flavor of any food, and they have natural health benefits. Fresh herbs increase the flavor in food more than dried because of all the oils in the leaves. In addition, fresh herbs are full of antioxidants, To incorporate fresh herbs... Continue Reading →

April- What’s in Season?

What is seasonal eating? Eating foods that are at their peak ripeness and nutritional value during a specific time of the year. Often times, these foods are less expensive, more flavorful, support local famers, and provide health benefits. Planning meals around seasonal fruits and vegetables is an easy way to save on groceries. Just look... Continue Reading →

Egg Tips

Eggs are packed full of essential nutrients. There are only 70 calories, 13 essential vitamins and minerals, high-quality protein, and antioxidants all combined into one egg! If you will be dyeing and hunting for Easter eggs this year, it’s important to follow some food safety rules to prevent illness. Keep fresh eggs refrigerated in the... Continue Reading →

Meal Planning Made Easy

Planning meals ahead can help you stick to healthy eating and save money. MAP OUT YOUR MEALS Outline meals for the week ahead. Sit down and think about the week ahead. Do you and your family have plans or special events? Think about what foods you have on hand and wouldn't have to buy. FIND... Continue Reading →

March is National Nutrition Month®

The National Nutrition Month® campaign from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is celebrated each year during the month of March. It focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing healthful eating and physical activity habits. This year’s theme, Celebrate a World of Flavors, showcases how flavors from different cultures around the... Continue Reading →

February-What’s in Season?

What is seasonal eating? Eating foods that are at their peak ripeness and nutritional value during a specific time of the year. Often times, these foods are less expensive, more flavorful, support local famers, and provide health benefits. Planning meals around seasonal fruits and vegetables is an easy way to save on groceries. Fruits and... Continue Reading →

Slow Cooker Safety Tips

Looking for an easy way to cook a delicious and nutrient-packed meal? A slow cooker is a convenient cooking method that helps to save time and money- just toss the ingredients in and wait! By planning ahead now you can have a stress-free family dinner, even on busy nights. Make sure your slow cooked meals... Continue Reading →

All About Citrus

Craving a bright, juicy, and nutritious food during these cold, dark winter days? Citrus fruits are at their peak ripeness and highest nutritional value during winter time. It would then make sense that citrus fruits provide health benefits that counteract many winter side effects, like dryness, low immunity, and depression. Health benefits of citrus fruits... Continue Reading →

Healthy Holiday Food Tips

This time of year can be a challenge with so many treats and special foods readily available. By being more mindful, you can stay focused on health while still enjoying the season. Take advantage of these ideas for healthier versions of popular holiday foods: · Make mashed potatoes with skim milk and low-fat and low-sodium broth.... Continue Reading →

Healthy Holiday Desserts

The holidays are a wonderful time to bring friends and family together. Making a fresh batch of holiday desserts is a perfect way to make connections and memories during the holiday season. Think of your favorite family dessert, then think about how it makes you feel. Warm, nostalgic, happy, connected? Does it ever feel too... Continue Reading →

Holiday Meal Preparation

Getting yourself prepared for the holiday’s can be a challenge, so it is important to start planning ahead of time. Planning your menu in advance allows you to Shop smarter by being aware of upcoming salesBe sure you have everythingFind and organize recipesItemize cooking utensils By being aware of shopping sales, you can stretch your... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Whole Grains in a Balanced Diet

Introducing whole grains into your diet is easy, beneficial, and nutritious. For maximum dietary health, whole grains should make up a substantial portion of a balanced diet, just as meats and vegetables should. Whole grains contain: High levels of fiberProteinsVitaminsMinerals All of which, make whole grains a nutrient-rich food. Some examples of whole grains include,... Continue Reading →

Choosing a Better Breakfast

Many people have heard the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Research has found this statement to be true because eating breakfast can help jump start our brains and metabolism. Our metabolism increases after we eat, so the sooner we eat in the morning, the sooner our body will start metabolizing... Continue Reading →

Back to School Lunches

August is Back to School Month which means it is time to make the decision if you want to pack your child’s lunch or feed them what the school provides. Each option has many considerations and health benefits. Packing a lunch provides an opportunity to be selective and creative with your child while packing a... Continue Reading →

Summer Squash

Summer squash can be prepared and served in several different ways. SteamedGrilledSautéedFried Summer squash can also be included in stir fry recipes and can be used interchangeably with most recipes. They mix well with tomatoes, onions, and okra in vegetable medleys. Baby squash can be used as an appetizer or sautéed with other vegetables. Summer... Continue Reading →

Grilling with Kids

Summer is in full swing, so there is no better time to bring friends and family together for some yummy grilled food that everyone can help prepare and enjoy. July is the national month for grilling, and it is also anti-boredom month. One way to combat boredom for kids is to include them in tasks... Continue Reading →

Fire Up the Grill!

You can grill just about anything! Do you know that there are food safety steps to follow no matter what you’re cooking? Keep reading to learn about safe grilling of all foods. Clean: HANDS: No matter what you’re grilling, always start with clean hands especially before and after touching raw meat, poultry, and seafood items... Continue Reading →

Keep the Fun in Summer Meals

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer events like barbeques, picnics, and camping.  The warmer weather and eating outdoors can bring food safety challenges.  Food left at room or warmer outside temperatures can increase the chance of bacterial growth in food that can cause food poisoning.  To keep the fun in your special events, follow... Continue Reading →

Storing Fresh Produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy and delicious, but they are also an investment that could end up in the garbage if not stored properly.  Below are a few tips to help keep you produce at their best.  Remember not all produce needs or should be stored in the refrigerator.   Ripen the following on the... Continue Reading →

We All Need Protein

What does it do for us? We all need protein. It provides nutrients and energy and builds, maintains, and repairs the tissues in our body. Most Americans eat enough - but it is important to eat a variety of protein foods each week to improve nutrient intake and health benefits. What should I choose? Protein foods... Continue Reading →

Heart Healthy Snack Swaps

February is American Heart Month, which is a great reminder that every snack choice is an opportunity to take baby steps toward better heart health. Small and simple swaps add up and can make a big difference over time. Here are a few examples of small, realistic changes that help encourage better overall eating choices.... Continue Reading →


Follow the directions to choose ingredients from each block. Combine the ingredients. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer until the soup reaches 165°F and the flavors combine. Note: For thinner soup, add a little water. For thicker "stew" add less broth or cook longer.

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