Colorful Quesadilla

  Colorful Quesadilla This recipe can be customized by adding your favorite vegetables. Sharp knifecutting boardSmall bowlButter knifeSkilletSpatula/Turner 8 whole wheat tortillas1 cup low-fat cheddar cheese, shredded1 cup spinach, fresh1 cup red bell pepper (diced)8 ounces Cream Cheese, low-fat1/4 tsp garlic powder Wash hands.Wash spinach and chop, if desired. Wash bell pepper before dicing.In a... Continue Reading →

Popsicles: Healthy & Homemade

As the temperature rises this summer why not stay cool with a healthy and homemade popsicle? Traditionally popsicles aren’t known as the healthiest of snacks. Many frozen popsicles have large amounts of added sugar, and not a lot of vitamins and minerals. Some do add some vitamin C, but not much else. An easy way... Continue Reading →

Watermelon – A Summer Treat

With the peak of summer coming many fruits are coming into season, including watermelon. Watermelon is available year-round, but during the summer months they are in season, so become more affordable. Watermelon is nutrient packed and fun to eat!  What are some of the health benefits of watermelon?  Watermelon helps with hydration. As the name... Continue Reading →

How to Add Dark Green Vegetables to Your Family Meals

Spring is a time for new beginnings and clearing out winter stillness with bitter, astringent foods like dark green leafy greens. Intentionally adding in more dark green vegetables to your family meals is a great way to embrace new spring beginnings and slowly incorporate healthy habits.  What are your family's favorite dark green vegetables? Some... Continue Reading →

All About Citrus

Craving a bright, juicy, and nutritious food during these cold, dark winter days? Citrus fruits are at their peak ripeness and highest nutritional value during winter time. It would then make sense that citrus fruits provide health benefits that counteract many winter side effects, like dryness, low immunity, and depression. Health benefits of citrus fruits... Continue Reading →

Healthy Holiday Food Tips

This time of year can be a challenge with so many treats and special foods readily available. By being more mindful, you can stay focused on health while still enjoying the season. Take advantage of these ideas for healthier versions of popular holiday foods: · Make mashed potatoes with skim milk and low-fat and low-sodium broth.... Continue Reading →

An Apple a Day

Fall is in the air which means that apples are in season. We have all heard the saying, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” An apple a day may not actually keep the doctor away, but apples do offer a number of health benefits. Apples are: Very inexpensive.Low in calories (about 80 calories per tennis ball... Continue Reading →

Storing Fresh Produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy and delicious, but they are also an investment that could end up in the garbage if not stored properly.  Below are a few tips to help keep you produce at their best.  Remember not all produce needs or should be stored in the refrigerator.   Ripen the following on the... Continue Reading →

Family Meal Planning

Play time, not screen time: Cut screen time to 2 hours or less a day. Are you new to meal planning? Start small. Which meal would be easiest to plan for in advance? Breakfast may be a busy time, or difficult to plan for if household members awake at different times. Dinner tends to be... Continue Reading →

Dried Fruit

Feed Your Kids a Rainbow Serve 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Did you know that ½ cup of dried fruit counts as one serving? This is because the loss of water during the drying process concentrates the calories and nutrients. Check the nutrition facts label for added sugar when buying dried fruit, as it... Continue Reading →

Feed Your Kids a Rainbow

Serve 5 fruits and vegetables a day. A variety of fruits and vegetables provide vitamins and minerals important for growth, development, and a healthy immune system. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables may lower rates of diseases like high blood pressure, stroke heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer. Fruits and vegetables may... Continue Reading →

Kids Eat Right Month

August is Kids Eat Right Month and a great time for families to learn how to cook healthy together! A clever way to encourage children to try new foods is to get kids in the kitchen. This week, we're featuring recipes to help kids start young and learn simple cooking tasks before moving on to... Continue Reading →

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