Hiking & Walking in Idaho

Idaho is a beautiful state, and trails are everywhere. Some are free, and closer than you think. Look around your town or county, drive the back roads and explore. Idaho state parks are just $10/year to use, and a parks pass can even be purchased with your car registration. Get outside and enjoy the serenity of a nature hike, at your local city, county, or state park. Take pictures and make memories. Walk with your family and friends.

Hiking or walking is an easy and fun way to burn a few calories. A 154-pound man can burn about 370 Calories an hour when hiking.

Find a Park: Start here to find a state park near you. Search your local city or town to find new parks and places to walk. Google maps or (other map websites) are a fast and easy way to find parks you may have never known were there.

Safety Tip: Be prepared and know where you are going. Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back. Bring water, a map or GPS, snacks, and weather appropriate clothes.

Smart Snack: Try taking these no-bake bites with you on the hike. They are protein packed, and easy to pack.


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