Stretch Your Veggies and Fruits

We open the fridge to find our spinach has wilted to a slimy mess and the zucchini we had planned to eat before the stay-at-home had been placed is shriveled to almost nothing. We know it is important to eat vegetables and fruits, but how do we purchase enough to get us through until our next shopping trip?

Use the following tips to help choose the types of vegetables and fruits to buy on your next grocery run so they will last.


Choose a few hardier vegetables that will last longer in the fridge or pantry like carrots, kale, onion, and potatoes. Store onions and potatoes in a cool, dark place (but store separately) so they last longer. Use delicate produce first, such as spinach and berries, and save the hardy vegetables for the following week.


Frozen vegetables and fruits are picked at the peak of freshness. These are great to keep on hand when you start to run out of fresh produce. Look at the ingredients list for added salt and sugar.


If you are stretching your meals, choose canned items such as canned beans, corn, or tomatoes. Check the label and choose reduced sodium or no salt added products. For canned fruit, check that it is packed in water or 100% juice.


If available, purchase dried vegetables and fruits such as beans or dried apples. Add water to re-hydrate or follow the instructions to cook. Always check the label for added sugar or salt.

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