Is Fresh Best?


Fresh fruits and vegetables are delicious and nutritious! But especially during the winter, fresh fruit is not always in season and can be expensive. So what are the differences between fresh versus frozen or canned? 



Frozen fruits and vegetables are an excellent replacement for fresh. They are just as nutritious so long as they don’t have any additives like sugar or sauces and they also last longer because they store in your freezer.  

  • You can add frozen fruits on top of yogurt with a sprinkle of granola for a tasty parfait, use it in baking, in oatmeal, or make smoothies.  
  • Frozen vegetables can be cooked very similarly to fresh, and some can even be steamed right in the bag they come in.  



Canned fruits and veggies are also a great option. Canned fruits and vegetables can be more budget friendly and store longer than fresh. However, you can choose healthier options when buying canned by following these simples guidelines: 

  • When selecting canned vegetables, avoid added salt, look for canned veggies labeled low or reduced sodium. 
  • Canned fruits are a great option but many have a lot of added sugar. Avoiding canned fruits packed in syrup and choosing those packed in water or juice instead. 

Using canned and frozen fruits and vegetables is a budget friendly way to increase the fruits and veggies in your kitchen. So next time you are at the grocery store, look for your favorite fruit or vegetable in the freezer section or canned goods section! 

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