Idaho was made for Biking

Asian Family On Cycle Ride In Countryside

Want to go places fast, and hear the wind whistle through your ears? Take a bike when the weather is nice if you need to run errands near home. Bike with your friends and family after work or school. Explore bike paths in your town or adventure down country roads.

Idaho has over 12,000 miles of trails open to mountain biking. The Trail of the Coeur d’ Alene’s and the Ashton to Tetonia trails are world famous Idaho road bike paths.

Biking can burn 290 Calories in one hour and that’s at a slow to medium pace (<10 mph). Don’t have a bike? Check the local newspaper, thrift stores, or online advertising websites (like Craigslist, ClassifiedAds, or eBay to name a few) for a variety of fair-priced bikes.

Safety Tip: Always wear a helmet when biking.

Recipe: Try this energy packed, protein dense, dinner recipe after a fun day of bike adventures. You can prepare this the night before, (store covered in the fridge) and then bake when you get back from your ride.



no bake bites 2

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