SMART Goal Setting

How is it already the second week of January?! Like many of us, the beginning of the new year also means a chance to start over. This means resolutions for the new year. But like many of us, we quickly fall back into our old habits. So how can this year be different? By setting SMART Goals!

Are your goals SMART?

Specific– Make sure your goal is specific. Eat healthy is not a specific goal. Try to include who, what, when, where and why when setting your goal.

Measurable-Having a measurable goal helps you to be accountable to your goal.  Saying you are going to eat healthy, is not measurable. Saying you are going to increase your fruit and vegetable intake by 1 cup 3 days a week, is measurable.

Attainable-If you have a difficult time keeping the goals you set, make sure your goals are not too hard. Set up small, attainable goals so they can be easily reached. Instead of saying, “I will eat 1 more cup of fruit and veggies every day,” start out smaller and build your way up to a more realistic goal. “I will eat 1 new fruit or vegetable a week!”

Realistic-A goal must also be realistic. If you do not like vegetables, then eating more of them might not be the most realistic goal for you. Instead, adding 1 new vegetable a week might be more of a realistic goal.

Timely– Your goals must also have time limits. Having a set time and or date to reach your goals is one of the best ways to make sure you do reach your goal! Give yourself enough time to reach your goal, but don’t set the time frame too short either. That would be a sure way not to reach your goals.  

So what are your healthy SMART Goals for 2019?

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