Dried Fruit

Feed Your Kids a Rainbow Serve 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Did you know that ½ cup of dried fruit counts as one serving? This is because the loss of water during the drying process concentrates the calories and nutrients. Check the nutrition facts label for added sugar when buying dried fruit, as it... Continue Reading →

First let them choose, then taste together

How do you get your kids to eat 5 fruits and veggies a day? We've got a couple of ideas and we would love to hear your ideas. Let Kids Choose a New Fruit or Veggie Kids are more likely to try a food that they have a hand in choosing. Plan a trip to... Continue Reading →

Raise Children Who Eat Their Vegetables

Yes! It IS possible to raise children who like to eat a wide variety of vegetables.  Follow these fun tips to develop your healthy eater and remember to always talk about vegetables in a fun and inviting way to encourage even more positivity! Enjoy a variety of vegetables yourself.  The most important thing that adults can... Continue Reading →

Idaho Snow & Ice Sculptures

Idaho is known for great skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and other great winter activities. This includes trudging through the snow to create, or at least enjoy, magnificent snow and ice sculptures. Every year, towns put on Winter festivals that highlight outdoor art that can only be seen in the Winter. If you want to experience the... Continue Reading →

Welcome to National Nutrition Month

Healthy eating plate. Infographic chart with proper nutrition proportions. Food balance tips. Vector illustration isolated on a dark grey background. There is a constant struggle with choosing the right foods for our bodies. "Is this salad really healthy or am I just telling myself that?" "My coffee doesn't have THAT much sugar. Right?" Lucky for... Continue Reading →

Winter Fun

Winter continues to drag on. But, instead of cursing the winter, find ways to enjoy these last few months of snowy, cold weather. We are accustomed to talking about the things we can do in the summer, but not in the winter, but there are also many activities that we can do in the winter,... Continue Reading →


FEBRUARY IS HEART HEALTH MONTH This week, Eat Smart Idaho is sharing steps to a healthier heart. We've got recipes, lifestyle tips and more. Visit our blog: https://eatsmartidahointhekitchen.com #AmericanHeartMonth #IdahoHasHeart #OurHearts #LongLiveIdaho #EatSmartIdaho Click on the links below for tips from the American Heart Association: Eat Smart Follow these tips when you go food shopping.... Continue Reading →

Acts of Kindness

February 14th, a day filled with candy, flowers, hearts, gifts, and Valentine cards. These gifts are fun ways to remind your friends and family how much you love and care them. Valentine’s Day is filled with candy and more candy, but what if you are looking for non-candy related teats for Valentine’s Day? What if... Continue Reading →

Winter Workouts

We are right in the middle of the coldest part of winter. It is so easy during this time of year to curl up under a blanket and attempt to hibernate all winter. Unfortunately, our bodies are not made to hibernate, and even during the cold we need exercise. We are supposed to get 150... Continue Reading →

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