Acts of Kindness

February 14th, a day filled with candy, flowers, hearts, gifts, and Valentine cards. These gifts are fun ways to remind your friends and family how much you love and care them. Valentine’s Day is filled with candy and more candy, but what if you are looking for non-candy related teats for Valentine’s Day? What if your kids could focus on ACTS, as a way to show others how much they love each other? Although a few days after Valentine’s Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb 17th) can be taught the whole week leading up to Valentine’s Day. 

Check out this website and download easy lesson plans for K-8th grade on how Random Acts of Kindness any time can show those you love how much you care for them! And remember, being kind is not just for kids, adults can benefit too!

But in case you really need a Valentine treat, try this fun, adorable and HEALTHY idea.

What you will need:

Fruit cup-any kind. Applesauce will work just as well.

Pipe cleaners- any color.

Googly eye-don’t sweat it if you cannot find any. A colored permanent marker will do just fine.

Heart stickers- you can also use construction paper and cut out hearts.


Instructions: Have fun and decorate in any way you see fit!

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