Heart Healthy Snack Swaps

February is American Heart Month, which is a great reminder that every snack choice is an opportunity to take baby steps toward better heart health. Small and simple swaps add up and can make a big difference over time.

Here are a few examples of small, realistic changes that help encourage better overall eating choices.

Instead of chips, try air popped popcorn or kale chips

Instead of popsicles, try  frozen grapes

Instead of french fries, try sweet potato fries

Instead of  sweetened “fruit” cereal, try oatmeal with berries

Instead of ice cream, try banana ice cream (look for the recipe in  our recipe section!)

Instead of  chocolate chip cookies, try celery w/ peanut butter and chocolate chips

Instead of a milkshake, try a kale and fruit smoothie

Instead of a sandwich with white bread, try a sandwich with whole grain bread

Instead of fruit snacks, try sliced fruit with a fruit dip (look for the recipe in our recipe section!)

Instead of frosted shredded wheat cereal, try plain shredded wheat cereal

Instead of full fat yogurt with added sugars, try plain, low-fat yogurt with fruit

Instead of nachos, try sliced cucumbers and carrots with hummus

Instead of soda, try sparkling or fruit-infused water

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