Watermelon – A Summer Treat

With the peak of summer coming many fruits are coming into season, including watermelon. Watermelon is available year-round, but during the summer months they are in season, so become more affordable. Watermelon is nutrient packed and fun to eat! 

What are some of the health benefits of watermelon? 

Watermelon helps with hydration. As the name suggests, watermelon is 92% water. The water not only helps keep your body and cells hydrated, but the high-water content makes your body feel full longer.  

Watermelons are full of nutrients. Specifically, Vitamins A and C. Both of these vitamins work to maintain your body’s health. Vitamin A is known to be good for the eyes while Vitamin C is good for your immune system.  Watermelon contains more lycopene than any other fruit. Lycopene is an antioxidant that has been shown to decrease risk of cancer, heart disease, and have positive impacts on the eyes.  

How to choose and eat your watermelon: 

Choosing a watermelon: Often the best watermelons have a large “field spot.” This is indicated by the part of the watermelon that was laying on the ground during growing season. Choosing one that has a darker field spot means the watermelon spent more time in the sun and will be a great flavorful choice.  

How to store a watermelon: Once the watermelon is cut, it is best to store both larger pieces in plastic wrap and smaller pieces in sealable storage containers in the fridge. This keeps the watermelon fresh and prevents the water from drying up and taking away the delicious watermelon taste! 

Various ways to eat watermelon: While watermelon can be consumed by itself, there are many other ways to add it to a recipe. Try adding it to your favorite smoothie, putting it in a salad or salsa, or making a watermelon pizza topped with Greek yogurt and other berries! 

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