Farmers Market Shopping Tips

Shopping at a farmers’ market can be good for you and your community. You can find a variety of locally grown crops picked at the peak of quality and freshness. Follow these tips to make the most of your farmers market shopping experience:

  • Shop early – The best selection is often available closer to the opening time of the market. Other times however may be less crowded and more relaxed.
  • Try new foods – Don’t be afraid to try a new fruit or vegetable. You can purchase a small amount of a new food each week. You might find a new favorite. Ask the farmer about how it is best prepared and served.
  • Browse before buying – This will give you the opportunity to compare the offerings of different vendors before making a final decision on what you will purchase.
  • Take time to chat with farmers – The local farmers can be a wealth of information about the foods they bring to the market. This is part of the fun and experience of the market.
  • Go straight home from the market – Hot cars are not the best place for perishable food, so getting them home before running other errands is a good idea. If not, bring a cooler with ice to make sure that the foods hold up during their trip home.
  • Bring kids to the market – What better place to see and learn about new foods while getting children excited to choose some of the produce that they want to try. Children are more likely to eat foods they helped pick out.
  • A good place to learn about individual fruits, vegetables and herbs is through the SNAP-Ed produce guide at:

  • Find delicious no cook recipes using Idaho grown produce in University of Idaho Extension’s ‘Market Fresh in a SNAP!’ recipe book at:

Market Fresh in a Snap! (


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