Unplug. Go Outside.

Spring Fever?
Nature is a major distraction from the stresses of life and important for the health of children and adults.

People who spend time outside…

  • have more energy.
  • are calmer.
  • feel less stress.
  • focus better.
  • feel happier.
  • sleep better.

Start close to home with 30 minutes of activity. If you don’t have 30 minutes, try 10 minutes three times during the day…

  • Walk with your family, a friend, or a neighbor.
  • Walk in your neighborhood or a local park.
  • Find short trails from your local Parks and Recreation or a Visitor Center

When you’re ready for longer outings…

  • Wear comfortable shoes so your feet are happy.
  • Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and even a hat.
  • Dress in several light layers so you can cool off, warm up, or stay dry.
  • Take a break- Enjoy a view while having a snack or a drink of water.

When you’re on the trail, a well-timed snack can keep your energy up. Don’t forget to drink lots of water!

Get Moving Outside, Idaho!

With almost half of Idaho covered in trees, there are lots of places to get moving and enjoy the outdoors. Here are some resources with great ideas to cure Spring Fever:

Idaho State Parks are making it their goal to ensure there is always something awesome to see, something new to learn, and stay physically active.

Idaho Visitor Centers are all over the state! You don’t have to be a visitor to enjoy the outside activities Idaho has to offer. Find one near you and ask about local walking areas.

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