An Egg-citing Week Ahead!

It’s Egg Week at Eat Smart Idaho!

We’re bringing you egg cooking, egg safety and egg-citing recipes. 

5 Egg-spert Questions About Easter Eggs

  1. How can I safely color and decorate hard-cooked eggs? Wash your hands between all the steps of cooking, cooling, dyeing and decorating.
  2. Can I use anything to decorate the eggs, such as pens and paints? No. Use only food-safe dye and decorations. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for best color results.
  3. How long are hard-cooked eggs safe to eat? Hard-cooked eggs (refrigerated within two hours of cooking) should be used within one week.
  4. Why do hard-cooked eggs spoil faster than fresh eggs? Fresh shell eggs have a protective coating that is washed away when they are hard-cooked. This leaves the pores in the shell open for bacteria to enter. Keep the eggs refrigerated as much as possible. (Below 40°F)
  5. Can I hide the colored eggs ahead of time? If you plan to eat your Easter eggs after the hunt, follow these rules:
    • Put them where they won’t have contact with animals or lawn chemicals.
    • After you’ve found all the hidden eggs, throw out any that are cracked.
    • Easter egg hunts should not exceed two hours. Hard-boiled eggs have a short window for consumption when not refrigerated. Consider coloring one set of eggs for the hunt and another set for eating.

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