How to Choose a Good Watermelon

Idaho is known for super sweet and tasty watermelons. They are available from July through early October. Find a local farm to pick your own or get a bargain at the store.

  • Spot the Field Spot– This yellow/gold spot on the bottom means the melon basked in the sun on the farm and was ripe when picked. Watermelons only ripen while on the vine. A dark, shiny green melon with no gold “field spot” may mean a melon is under-ripe.
  • Pick Up the Melon– A ripe watermelon will feel very heavy for its size and the rind should be firm with no soft spots.
  • Smell the Melon– A ripe watermelon will have a mild smell, even through the rind! 
  • Here’s a video from the National Watermelon Board: Look, Lift, & Turn!

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