Idaho Watermelons- In Season and Ripe!

Late Summer in Idaho means watermelons are at their sweetest and juiciest. Here’s an FAQ!

HOW TO WASH: Scrub watermelon using a clean produce brush then, dry with paper towels. Use clean knives and cutting surfaces.  Watch how to wash a watermelon:

HOW TO CUT: Make sure you wash your hands with soap and water before preparing watermelon to eat. How to cut a watermelon:

HOW TO STORE: Store whole watermelons at room temperature. Once cut, refrigerate in an airtight container for use within 5 days.

CAN I FREEZE WATERMELON? Frozen watermelon cubes make a sweet and colorful addition to water! Freeze watermelon cubes on a lined sheet pan. We do not recommend defrosting frozen watermelon to use later, as it may lose its taste, texture, and color in the defrosting process.

HOW TO CHOOSE A GOOD ONE: Before you wash, cut and store, you need to pick a watermelon! Look back to our post from last Summer about how to choose a good watermelon:

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