Creating Healthy, Happy Meals Together

Fall is here, and along with its arrival, we begin to think of having warm and comforting meals with our family. The reality is… some evenings can be chaotic, with limited time, busy work, and different family schedules. We may end up eating on the go or having convenience meals in front of the TV. Ready for a change? Try these tips to help make mealtimes happy and healthy for everyone.

Plan times when every family member can eat together. This may not be possible every weeknight and that’s OK. The important thing is to plan some relaxing times to share a meal together, such as a Saturday brunch or Sunday dinner.

Make healthy, simple meals: colorful stir fries with brown rice, vegetable omelets with whole wheat toast, or whole wheat quesadillas with added spinach and peppers. Cut up vegetables ahead of time for a hearty slow cooker soup or stew. Finish with a healthy dessert such as baked apples, pears, or try our Microwave-Baked Apples.

Let the kids take part in planning and prepping meals. Depending on their age, they can set the table, make a salad, or pour beverages. Another option is to have them get creative while you are cooking by asking them to make fall decorations with paper and crayons for the table.

Set the mood. Make sure the TV is turned off and devices are set aside. Aim for a relaxed, calm atmosphere. You might even try some soft music playing in the background. Focus on each other and keep the conversation positive.

Sometimes it can be challenging to sit down together for a healthy and relaxing family meal, but with a little help from your family, together you can create some family meals that everyone will remember. Want to learn more? Go to MyPlate, MyWins Tips: Making Family Meals for additional inspiration.

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