Enjoy a Fall Picnic with Family or Friends

October is Eat Better, Eat Together Month

Eating together is a great way to connect. And, Fall in Idaho offers beautiful weather to enjoy a meal outside. A little planning can make it easy. Prep food the day before and pack it in a basket, box or backpack. Keep it simple and don’t forget a heavy blanket and some extra fall layers if the weather gets cooler.

Plan Where You’re Going

  • A PARK– Bring your picnic to a nearby park. After eating, go for a walk to spot colorful changing leaves.
  • AT HOME– Have a picnic right outside your home. Pack up a meal and be sure to leave the cellphones in the house. After eating, enjoy a game.

Ideas for and Easy Fall Picnic on the Go

  • Fresh fruit, washed and wrapped
  • Cheese & whole grain crackers
  • Fresh crunchy veggies, washed & wrapped
  • Make up some sandwiches ahead and wrap them so you won’t need silverware- Try our Chicken Apple Salad on Whole Wheat Pitas
  • Bring a thermos of hot cider to warm up

Just add conversation, laughter, and fun!

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