Halloween Family Dinner

Halloween is a great opportunity to practice the habit of eating better and together for Eat Better, Eat Together Month. Whether you are going out trick-or-treating or staying indoors, the children are excited and there is bound to be candy involved. Whatever event you have going on, filling the kids up with a healthy, filling meal before all of the festivities start will leave less room for candy.

Meals which families eat together are more likely to be nutritious. The kids who regularly eat with their families are not as likely to eat as many unhealthy foods and will generally eat more fruit, vegetables, and whole grains.

This is also a great time to connect with the kids and talk about their excitement, their costumes, their plans, and their day in general. Keeping everything positive and giving them your undivided attention is a great way to have a successful family dinner.

Most of all, have fun and keep it simple. Many recipes for warm, healthy soup or chili take minimal time to prepare. Easy and creative side items, such as jack-o-lanterns drawn on mandarin oranges or banana “ghosts” with raisin eyes and nose, are exciting and encourage healthy eating habits.

Lastly, don’t forget to have the family wash their hands before eating both your dinner and their candy!

Here’s to healthy holiday family dinners together!

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