Mindful Holidays

The holiday season is full of treats and festivities that impact your families eating choices. Holidays are a perfect time to teach your kids mindful eating habits. When attending holiday gatherings remind your child that eating too many sweets could upset their belly. Discussing ways to savor foods will enhance your child’s satisfaction with their food choice, reducing the likelihood of them overeating. With school being out of session it is easy to get out of a eating schedule. Keeping a consistent eating schedule is important to manage hunger and allows the enjoyment of holiday treats. 

Mindful eating is just one way to increase mealtime satisfaction. Involving your child in the cooking process can make them enthusiastic about holiday eats. Take this opportunity to not only make sweet foods with your child, but also incorporate preparation of fruits and vegetables. Showing your kids a balance between nutrient dense foods and cookies is an important step to your child not over indulging when around the holiday snack table. 

By Emily Maus- University of Idaho Dietetic Student 

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