The Benefits of Smart Food Choices for Healthy Aging

It is never too late to reap the benefits of smarter food choices.  Eating healthy is key to enjoying good health as we age.  The benefits include maintaining a healthy weight, getting important nutrients, and lowering the risk of chronic disease.

Follow these tips to help get started on a healthier YOU!

  • Eat a variety of foods from each food group: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy. Variety is important for getting all the necessary nutrients!
  • Read the Nutrition Facts label. The healthier foods are whole foods, so only one ingredient on the label. These are usually found on the perimeter of the grocery store in the produce, meat, and dairy sections. When eating packaged food, make smart choices by reading the labels to find items lower in fat, added sugars, and sodium.
  • Instead of sugar sweetened beverages, drink water.  Water is an important nutrient too! Flavor up water with lemon or cucumber slices.
  • Instead of high-calorie snacks, such as potato chips, try nutrient-dense snacks, such as carrots or your favorite fruit and veggie sliced.
  • Use a food journal to keep track of the foods you eat and check to see if you are making healthy choices and eating a variety of foods within the food groups.

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