A Healthier Halloween

Halloween can be a challenge for parents who try to feed their children healthy, nutritious meals and snacks.

Below are some tips to help your family to have a healthier Halloween while still enjoying the holiday without overdoing it on the candy.

  • Eat a healthy and hearty meal before heading out to trick-or-treat. A slow cooker meal would be good for this day because the evening will be busy.
  • Talk to your child about a plan for all the candy before they get it. If they know the expectations in advance, they will be more likely to cooperate.
  • Let your child enjoy the candy they want on Halloween night, but then set limits for the rest of the candy. For instance, let your child choose one or two pieces to eat each day after school.
  • Store remaining candy in a cupboard, out of reach and out of sight.
  • Be a role-model yourself by eating candy in moderation.

Knowing your child and his/her habits will help you prepare a plan for Halloween night. Let them enjoy the holiday but include them in coming up with guidelines for the candy. Remember, Halloween is just one day. It won’t ruin your efforts to provide your child with healthy, balanced meals.

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