6 Non-Diet New Year’s Resolutions

A new year means another New Year’s resolution! But how successful are your New Year’s resolutions and how often are they focused on diet and body weight? Try something new this year and set a non-diet New Year’s resolution that works towards creating a lasting, healthy lifestyle.

Check out these low-budget ideas to start your new year:

  1. Be a body positive role model for you kids
    • The goal is to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself so your kids feel confident and want to implement healthy habits as they grow up.
    • Body positivity will help create a positive relationship with food, help enjoy food without restriction or guilt, and focus on feeling the satisfaction and nourishment of food rather than calories and body weight.
    • Body positivity can look like respecting your own body, honoring your hunger, or using neutral words to describe food (like comforting or fueling rather than should/shouldn’t or good/bad).
  2. Mindfulness and practicing gratitude
    • Thoughts are powerful and can impact how our body feels and functions.
    • Being mindful and bringing positive thoughts around food and body can help your kids feel comfortable with trying new foods.
    • Take time for yourself any time of the day, even as little as 5 minutes, or create a wind down routine to reflect at the end of the day.
    • Eat as a family! Slow down, enjoy your food and company, and guide a positive conversation.
  3. Incorporate joyful movement
    • Joyful movement shows your kids that movement is fun and feels good rather than as a way to change the way your body looks.
    • Find movement that you enjoy doing and feels good for your body:
      • Dancing, gardening, yoga, walking, playing with your kids, or biking.
    • Incorporate movement throughout the day:
      • Stretching during breaks at work, walking an extra lap around the store, or dance while doing housework.
  4. Spend more time as a family
    • Discover activities your family enjoys!
    • Try new activities like, walking around the neighborhood, a family game night, reading books together, family yoga, or making crafts together.
    • Include your family in age-appropriate meal planning and preparation.
  5. Create balanced meals using MyPlate
    • At every meal and snack include a food from each category:
      • Fruit and or vegetable
      • Protein and or dairy
      • Whole grain
  6. Reduce screen time
    • Discover activities that do not involve a screen-ask your kids what they enjoy doing.
    • Be an active role model for your kids by spending time quality time together.
    • Go outdoors, offer engaging indoor activities or crafts, make cooking a educational activity, create screen-free zones in your home.

Try this recipe out! Notice how you talk about the ingredients as you prepare the recipe, how you engage with your family while eating, and your level of satisfaction and nourishment from the food.

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