5 Tips for Baking Healthier with Kids

Baking sparks creativity, teaches how to follow instructions, involves math & counting, improves kitchen skills and safety, and always brings smiles. Enjoy these 5 Tips for Baking with Kids

1. Accept the Mess and Take your Time: Baking with kids can be messy, but that’s part of the fun. Messy doesn’t mean dirty though, so wash hands properly. Make clean-up part of the project. Relax, try to be patient, and have fun together!

2. Read the Recipe: Not only is this a great way for kids to learn new words, reading the recipe all the way through before beginning allows everyone to understand the plan beforehand.

3. Measure Up: If you are baking with a young child, it is helpful to have some ingredients pre-measured so all they need to do is pour into the mixing bowl. If children are able, measuring offers a great lesson in math and shows the importance of measuring carefully when baking. Don’t forget to use large mixing bowls so there’s plenty of room for stirring.

4. Assign Jobs: Give each child a specific job. An older child might measure while a younger child stirs. This goes for clean-up too! Encourage teamwork and celebrate when the kitchen is clean, and the kids have done a good job!

5. Nutritious Baking: This is a great chance to teach about healthy ingredients. Use a little less sugar or try using ripe bananas or applesauce instead. Substitute saturated fats like butter or margarine with healthier fats such as unsaturated oil or replace part of the fat with low-fat plain yogurt, avocado, or fruit purees.  Another great idea is to substitute half of the flour with a whole grain flour to increase the fiber content!

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