Benefits of Cooking with Kids

Involving your children in food preparation has many benefits!

  • Cooking builds self-esteem. Children develop confidence, responsibility and independence when they can help you prepare a snack or meal. When they get more practice and as they get older, they will be able to prepare more foods on their own.
  • Cooking teaches! When kids begin to cook, they can help stir, pour, shake and tear. As they become more experienced, they can move on to spread, mix and knead. Later they can cut, grate and measure with super vision! Kids can develop math and language skills when they measure ingredients and read recipes.
  • Cooking gives kids a sense of accomplishment. They have a sense of pride when they finish cooking and get to share what they have made with their family.
  • Cooking helps kids make smart food choices. Rather than choosing ready-to-eat snack or meal options, they know how to make healthier snacks themselves. As they age, they are able to make informed decisions to eat nutrient-dense foods.
  • Cooking builds creativity! Preparing foods allows kids to show their artistic side. They may have new ideas about methods of preparation, combining different flavors or how the dish is presented when it is served.

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