Eat It Green for Spring!

What could be better than eating fresh fruits and vegetables as spring approaches? Packed with nutrients, fiber and FLAVOR, green fruits and vegetables are a great addition to every meal. Green foods help protect your heart, work to keep blood pressure under control, keep your eyes seeing well and protect your gut health. 

In honor of spring…eat it green! Enjoy a green favorite or try out a new one such as:

  • Apples • Artichoke • Asparagus • Avocado • Broccoli • Brussel sprouts
  •  Cabbage • Celery • Collard greens • Cucumbers • Edamame • Gooseberries
  •  Grapes • Green beans • Green cauliflower • Honeydew melon • Kale • Kiwi
  •  Lettuce • Limes • Pea pods • Pears • Peas • Peppers • Spinach • Zucchini 

With so many tasty green foods to choose from, pick a few favorites, cut them up and make a tasting board to celebrate the end of winter and springs arrival!

  • A variety of green fruit like grapes, pears, apples and kiwi.
  • A variety of chopped green vegetables like broccoli, steamed edamame, cucumbers, snap peas and bell peppers.
  • A few crunchy green snacks like olives, pickles, pepperoncinis, jalapenos and pistachios.
  • One green dip like guacamole or edamame hummus.
  • Sliced cheeses- at least one soft and one hard cheese like Irish cheddar and goat cheese or a hard flavored cream cheese and skewered mozzarella balls.             
  • Assorted green chips and breads like tortilla chips, bean chips, and veggie straws.

Green Charcuterie Snack Tray Instructions:

1. Assemble all green snacks on a large tray or board.

2. Use small bowls and cups for dips and small snacks like olives, peppers, and nuts. You can also repurpose food as bowls like a hollowed out green pepper for guacamole.

3. Fill in empty spaces on your board with items like tortilla chips, nuts, and skewered cheese.

4. Serve and enjoy your green feast!

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