A Guide to Reusable Grocery Bags

In an effort to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainability, reusable grocery bags are a wonderful way to level up your grocery shopping experience. However, you may ask yourself: How do I get started? How do I clean my grocery bags? Are they environmentally friendly? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Down below are the answers to all your reusable grocery bag questions!


What are reusable grocery bags?

Reusable grocery bags are environmentally friendly alternatives to single-use plastic bags. These bags are made of canvas or other durable materials such as cotton and nonwoven polypropylene plastic (npp). They also come in many sizes that range from small to large tote bags, to shopping-friendly coolers for cold items.


How should you sort your produce?

You want a separate bag for meat, fish, poultry, fresh produce, and ready-to-eat foods to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading. Any raw meat should go in a plastic bag for further protection.


How do you clean your reusable bag?

Cleaning your reusable bags is very simple. You can put them in the washing machine with standard laundry detergent. For insulated polyester tote bags, you can hand wash them in warm water and soap or you can wipe them with disinfecting wipes. Make sure to get the seams!


How are they environmentally friendly?

Reusable grocery bags are incredibly environmentally friendly. The manufacturing of reusable grocery bags has declined the number of plastic bags that end up in the ocean. You have to use a reusable bag 50-150 times to have a smaller impact on the climate.


What are other ways you can use reusable grocery bags?

You can use a reusable grocery bag for so many more things You can use them for lunch bags, picnic packs, and more. Make sure to clean and sanitize them in between uses!


A great recipe to kick start your reusable bag journey is our Pan Seared Chicken with Peaches!

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