Healthy Holiday Food Tips

This time of year can be a challenge with so many treats and special foods readily available. By being more mindful, you can stay focused on health while still enjoying the season. Take advantage of these ideas for healthier versions of popular holiday foods:

· Make mashed potatoes with skim milk and low-fat and low-sodium broth.

· Try mashed sweet potatoes.

· Try a vegetable or fruit-based stuffing.

· Remove the skin from turkey or poultry.

· Prepare a baked ham without a glaze.

· Prepare gravy with low-fat, low-sodium broth.

· Enjoy a fruit and vegetable platter as an appetizer.

· Choose unsalted nuts.

· Top your fruit crisp with oatmeal.

· Make a crustless sweet potato or pumpkin pie and use evaporated skim milk and egg whites or egg substitute.

· Make chocolate pudding with skim milk.

· Make cakes and other baked goods with unsweetened applesauce in place of oil or butter.

· Choose reduced-fat eggnog


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