Plant Based Protein

Every person needs protein in their diet to build and repair their body. Meat is a great source of protein, but can often be a little expensive. Listed below are a few foods to keep your body fueled with the protein it needs without those worries!


Nuts and nut butters work great as a fast way to get a little protein as well as some fat to keep you full. You can make a healthy trail mix of raw nuts and dried fruits for a tasty snack on the go! A few other trail mix recipes can be found on the blog:

Poppin’ Corn Trail Mix

On-The-Go Whole Grain Trail Mix

“Hit The Trail” Trail Mix


Legumes like beans and lentils are also one of the very best sources of plant-based protein. Plus, they are high in fiber and other nutrients. As a bonus they are usually cheaper, easy to add to meals, and legumes often come conveniently packaged in cans with a long shelf life.

This week’s recipe for hummus is another tasty way to add legumes to your day! Hummus can be spread on sandwiches, served with crackers, or used as a dip for veggies. 


Quinoa is an easy substitute for cereal grains and pasta and can be prepared in much the same way. However, unlike other cereal grains quinoa is actually a complete protein all on its own! When you need a healthy, protein rich meal or snack, toss it with your favorite dressing, some fresh fruits, vegetables and some cheese cubes for a tasty, healthy, brightly colored quinoa power bowl. 

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