Tortilla Pizza Hack

Tortilla Pizza Hack This is a great recipe that can be customized with your favorite toppings. KnifeSpoonSkillet, medium 4 whole wheat tortillas (8 inch)1/2 cup pizza sauce (low sodium)16 slices turkey pepperoni4 mushrooms (sliced)1 bell pepper (any color)1 cup mozzarella cheese (shredded)4 tsp olive oil (extra virgin) Wash hands.Wash mushrooms and pepper before cutting.Cut a... Continue Reading →

Back to School Lunches

August is Back to School Month which means it is time to make the decision if you want to pack your child’s lunch or feed them what the school provides. Each option has many considerations and health benefits. Packing a lunch provides an opportunity to be selective and creative with your child while packing a... Continue Reading →

Summer Squash- A Family Favorite

Stuffed Summer Squash is a family favorite recipe. It is a great way to get more vegetables in during dinner time and use up the abundance of squash from your garden! Stuffed Summer Squash A great recipe for summer squash during the seasonal months! 1 yellow squash (washed and cut lengthwise)1 zucchini squash (washed and... Continue Reading →

Summer Squash

Summer squash can be prepared and served in several different ways. SteamedGrilledSautéedFried Summer squash can also be included in stir fry recipes and can be used interchangeably with most recipes. They mix well with tomatoes, onions, and okra in vegetable medleys. Baby squash can be used as an appetizer or sautéed with other vegetables. Summer... Continue Reading →

How Much Water Do Kids Need?

Water affects all body functions. It helps keep body temperature constant, it carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, and carries waste away. Water helps maintain blood volume and helps lubricate joints and body tissues such as those in the mouth, eyes, and nose. The amount of water that a child needs each day may seem... Continue Reading →

Sausage and Vegetable Foil Packets

Sausage and Vegetable Foil Packets 4 low-fat turkey or chicken Italian sausages 1 pound green beans8 mini sweet peppers1 red onion1 yellow squash2 tbsp. olive oil10 garlic clovesblack pepper (to taste)1 lemon Preheat your grill to medium-high heat. If baking, preheat oven to 425°. Wash all vegetables and lemon. Trim beans, roughly chop peppers and onion,... Continue Reading →

Grilling with Kids

Summer is in full swing, so there is no better time to bring friends and family together for some yummy grilled food that everyone can help prepare and enjoy. July is the national month for grilling, and it is also anti-boredom month. One way to combat boredom for kids is to include them in tasks... Continue Reading →

Cantaloupe Yogurt Bowls

Cantaloupe Yogurt Bowls A tasty summer recipe. KnifeLarge spoonMeasuring spoons 1 cantaloupe, medium2 cups low-fat Greek yogurt1/2 cup Granola (unsweetened)1/4 cup coconut (unsweetened, shredded) Wash cantaloupe.Cut cantaloupe in half.Scoop out the seeds.Fill each cantaloupe half with 1 cup of low-fat Greek yogurt.Add 1/4 cup unsweetened granola to each half.Add 1/8 cup unsweetened, shredded coconut to... Continue Reading →

Forming Connections Through Food

July is the month of farmers markets, in which you can find fresh fruits and vegetables. Farmers markets have many perks, in addition to stocking up on nutrient dense foods you can also form connections. Local artisans, farmers, community members provide a healthy experience for the whole family. It’s a chance to enjoy being in... Continue Reading →

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