Fall into the Library!

As the weather starts to cool down, you may be looking for some fall activities that let you stay nice and warm, while being inside. What better way to spend some indoor quality time, than at the library? Did you know reading can help improve your memory and reduce stress? So, cozy up in a... Continue Reading →

Idaho was made for Biking

Want to go places fast, and hear the wind whistle through your ears? Take a bike when the weather is nice if you need to run errands near home. Bike with your friends and family after work or school. Explore bike paths in your town or adventure down country roads. Idaho has over 12,000 miles... Continue Reading →

Get to know Eat Smart Idaho

Get to know Eat Smart Idaho at the FREE Community BBQ in Twin Falls City Park 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM Saturday. September 15, 2018 Come for the food, stay for the fun, and find out about free programs in the Magic Valley

Hiking & Walking in Idaho

Idaho is a beautiful state, and trails are everywhere. Some are free, and closer than you think. Look around your town or county, drive the back roads and explore. Idaho state parks are just $10/year to use, and a parks pass can even be purchased with your car registration. Get outside and enjoy the serenity... Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Physically Active!

Being physically active isn’t just going to the gym or enrolling in a fitness boot-camp. It’s about having fun, running around, and playing. Just because you’re grown up doesn’t mean you can’t play. It’s also free, depending on what you do. There are so many health benefits too! Increasing physical activity helps with healthy weight... Continue Reading →

Beat the Heat with the Easiest Banana Ice Cream Ever

It’s the end of the week, and you have leftover bananas. Don’t throw them out. When life gives you very ripe bananas, make ice cream! Low in fat and naturally sweet, try this icy creamy fruity treat. Cool down and share this thrifty ice cream recipe with family and friends on a hot day.

Family Taco Night

Make a meal your family and friends can enjoy together with this zesty, flavor-packed recipe. Letting everyone choose their own toppings makes taco night a summer hit! This is a fun easy recipe to try at home with your kids or friends. Eating together at home could help build healthier eating habits. So help build... Continue Reading →

Eat Smart Idaho is Here for You

Eat Smart Idaho knows that nutrition is important for everybody. We are a team of nutrition savvy individuals located all over the state with a mission to create a healthier Idaho. Join us by following our new blog, In the Kitchen, for weekly recipes, tips, and tricks directly from our nutrition advisers.     Brought... Continue Reading →

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